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Somehow me and my friends end up every Saturday and Sunday on Miramar beach near the No Plastic zone (at least that’s what most people tell us…we found out that it was a no plastic zone much later..!!) near the bhel stands! So today, we decided to go to Dona Paula. And all of us wondered why we never come here more often rather than sitting on the same spot every Saturday!!

Seriously today was so much fun. I never knew Dona Paula could be so beautiful at night. It was cool with a lovely breeze blowing and the waves lightly hitting the rocks, dark with the stars visible…hmmm.

I came home and decided to find out something about the legendary history of Dona Paula. I had only heard that girl named Dona had jumped off the cliff because her father would not let her marry the guy of her choice. Now I do not know how far this is true so I decided to look for it on the internet. And what I found was pretty interesting.


Romantic Legend of Dona Paula

He didn’t built Taj Mahal in memory of her love. But yes, you can still smell the eternal aroma of amour floating in the air. The aroma of Dona Paula de Menzes and Gasper Dias. She was the daughter of a Portuguese Governer of Goa who fell in love with Gasper, a handsome boy from a poor Goan fisherman’s family. As their love never saw the silver linings amidst dark clouds, they committed to be together in death, if not in life. While her body was soaked in love by the waves at what became Dona Paula, his was found at Miramar, and the area subsequently got his name. Ask the locals and you can hear many interesting stories including the myth that says that you can still see Dona Paula emerging from the moiling waves wearing only a pearl necklace on full-moon nights.

Kinda creepy isn’t it? I mean to think of Dona Paula emerging from the waves wearing only a pearl necklace, the fainthearted would surely get a shock!! But still, it’s beautiful to think of true love like that of Dona Paula and Gasper Dias. I really wonder whether such strong and eternal love is found today…

Well I did learn a few new things today. Like the reason Gasper Dias is named as it is and the true love of Dona and Gasper. I’m just glad they were together, if not in life, then at least in death!




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