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Wow…I cant believe its been so long since I have written anything in my blog.

There was a point of time when my blog was my life, and rite now when I look back at those days, I just smile remembering the excitement of a new topic, waiting for everyone to read it, and then going through the comments! Truly one of the best decisions of my life was to start a blog.

I know this is not the first time I have come back after a long gap and vowed never to stop writing, but hey…promises are meant to be broken right! Haha! But no, once again I shall declare that I will, to the best of my abilities(and beyond) try to keep writing.

Because truly speaking, this is one moment in my life where I feel like I need an outlet, i feel the need to write more than anything. In the past 3 days I have cribbed about buying a fresh new diary for myself forgetting all about my dearest friend waiting faithfully for me to come back to him!

About 7 years ago I watched this movie, Harriet the Spy. That was what inspired me to keep a diary. I wanted to be like Harriet, to write down everything I saw and everything  wanted to be and I did it. By 2008 I had 5 diaries full of my emotions and thoughts, my feelings, my vulnerabilities, just about everything I had in me. Sometimes I feel like I want to start a new diary because its something you have for your own. Something no one can take away from you, a place where you can truly be yourself and no one will judge you, or riddicule you or your thoughts.

Sure a blog is great but the entire point of writing a blog is to get your thoughts out there, let other people look a little inside you, let then feel what you feel, let them think what you think, let them, for a moment, be you. But then why do we keep diaries? Are we so afraid of letting other people into ourselves so deep that we don’t know if they will understand, we don’t know if they will be able to feel what we feel, think as we think. And yet we write blogs, wanting people to read our thoughts, feel our emotions. Its a little contradictory don’t you think 🙂

So my friends, I have made a decision. I will henceforth continue with my blog, but I will also start a diary. A fresh start, for there have been so many changes in my life every since 2010 has hit, I cant seem to decide for myself whether they are good changes or bad, but I will try to figure them out.

Till the next post…


Run in the Rain!

Well so I am on vacation again and of course as always it is my favorite time of the year!

Just the other day my friend’s and I had gone to none other than Dona Paula jetty. Getting a little tired of haunting Miramar beach every evening, we decided to look for a fresh new place to hang out. Mind you, I hadn’t been out of my house for at least two months, if you don’t count trips to college as an ‘outing’!!

So there we were, just reaching the jetty, last of which I had heard, was under re-construction for the safety of the people visiting this scenic place. And…. WOW! That was the only word that came o my mind after seeing the place in all its glory. Yeah there were a few bricks and sand and wires and cables and mud and muck here and there but hey, aren’t we all supposed to look at the good things first? Lol

Well jokes aside we decided to climb to the topmost part of the jetty from where u can look over the waters and see the clouds forming beautiful shapes. The view was panoramic and I am not exaggerating! The weather was just perfect, kind of strong breeze, which drove my hair totally crazy, dark clouds, no sun, just the perfect weather for me! Yeah you guessed right, I prefer no sun kinda weather, but no rain either for me! Sometimes.

It was such a great time and all the while we were there more and more of our friends seemed to turn up and in the end we had a large crowd laughing, catching up and having a really great time!

Then the highlight of the evening! The approaching rain! We could actually see it coming towards us, the droplets causing a disturbance in the waters that went on increasing and nearing us…

We watched mesmerized, especially me for it was the first time I saw anything like it before. But soon we were brought out of the trance as one of my friends screamed…RUN!!

Of course, we had no umbrellas, or raincoats to protect us so as you guessed we had to run for our lives! Or rather run for some shelter or risk getting drenched! God it was awesome running through the rain, slipping and sliding, looking for shelter when there was none. Needless to say we were soaked but laughing like idiots as we finally decided to stop under a…… coconut tree!!! J

What more to say, it was just the perfect ending to a most wonderful day! And you can bet I will definitely be visiting that place again…just for the sake of the run in the rain!!














Hi Folks!

Hey there fellow blogger’s and reader’s!

I know I haven’t been keeping up with the work that I started but I am going to give it a try one more time and I really do hope this time I can have enough time and interesting ideas to put forth to you all.

I am as of now unfamiliar with the improvements wordpress has made in the past few months so do bear if my posts look outdated and not so fancy! I will go through all the techniques one needs and try to make my blogspace even more alluring.

So do try and visit my blog once again if you remember my posts and enjoyed reading them.



Ganpati Bappa, Moraya!!



So this year I went to Mumbai to my cousin’s place for Ganeh Chaturthi. And it was sooo much fun! Nothing like I expected!

Well my cousin and his family stay in a chawl in Mumbai and let me tell you, it is definitely an experience staying there. In some aspects its just like living in a very large colony but in others, so much more different. Everyone is so united and gets together and makes you feel like a part of everything that’s going on there. Well my cousin had Ganesh idol in his house as well as the whole chawl had a Sarvajanik one. And my cousin is usually the one who stays up night after night with some of his buddies and designs the background and everything to keep the idol. This year he truly outdid himself and Ganeshji was looking fabulous sitting there!

The best part that I like about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with a whole lot of people is the Aarti! Not that I know any of them by heart, I just love everybody singing together and the dhol and the music! It’s beautiful! Everyone is so joyous and we stay up ate nights singing away to glory!

My cousin and his friends from the chawl organize a skit every year during Ganesh. This was the first year I was able to witness it as I never go to Mumbai for Ganesh. These skits are very famous stories in our family as they are always a big hit and for once I wanted to watch one rather than hear about it from others who did! So there we were all sitting on the steps while the actors got ready ‘behind the scenes’!! As always, it is India of course, they were so late in starting but definitely it was worth the wait! They did a skit from the stories of a very famous Marathi writer, none other than, Pu La Deshpande! He is just too good! I am sure his fans know exactly what I’m talking about. Well they did a skit named “Mhais” which translated means cow( I think!!). so the story starts in a bus with its weird collection of passengers an proceeds on how the bus knocks down the ‘Mhais’ and the situation leads from there! The suggestions, the police, the owner and everyone else also gets involved and finally the problem is solved. And just when everyone goes back to the bus, the one thing that started all this has disappeared from the scene!! Yes, the ‘Mhais’ has gone away unhurt while everyone is deciding how best to treat it! 😉

It was most enjoyable. The actors were too good sending the audience into peels of laughter and loud applause every now and then. An amazing way to spend forty five minutes I must say. All the actors were teenagers from the chawl itself and it was clear they had worked really hard to make this show a huge success. After the delightful skit came Antakshari! My cousin and another girl were the anchors and it was such good fun! Everybody, even the parents contributed and sang and danced along with us. That was a fun night which we all hoped would not end.

But alas, it did and my short but amazingly fun visit to my cousin’s place also ended. 😦

But never mind, I am definitely going to make it a point to go again next year just to see the skit as they will be completing 21 years and the whole festival be special worth attending!

So there you go, my Ganesh vacation went extremely well and I had amazing fun, made new friends and wished college would never start and my lovely hols would never end!

I know I’m a little late but,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all! 🙂

Nariyal Pani







The bus is slowing down, I’m looking out of the window anxiously…YESSS!! I do see the big, beautifully green, almost spherical, heavenly things that can always bring a huge smile on my face!! Rereading back what I wrote, probably you guys must have no idea what the hell I’m taking about! Well actually all I see that makes me so so so happy is Tender Coconuts!! I’m totally mad about them and cannot get enough!!

I have my particular friends who enjoy Nariyal Pani as much as me, if not more! And if you ever want to find us after four o’clock, there is no doubt you will se us on the Panjim bus stand sipping away to glory on a DE-LI-CIOUS tender coconut! This has become such a routine for us that we honestly believe that the only reason worth going to college is that on the return journey we get to have a feast fit for a king in our opinion! Seriously you can just throw away all the soft drinks and juice’s, nothing in this world beats Nariyal Pani!

Just thinking about the cool, sweet water can make my mouth water right this instant! And the truth is, we can never get enough! Sometimes we have two coconuts if we feel like it! And I must say, the coconut seller on the bus stand, is such a sweet soul, he sells us the coconuts a little cheaper than the rest of the thirsty individuals surrounding his shop. I bet we are the ones who give his business the boost, I mean imagine, one (sometimes two) coconuts, each of us, everyday!! And we have been doing this from January! So you can imagine the money he must be making off us! Lol! But no, seriously, the coconut seller is like the best I’ve been to till now and I mean that. Because if we just tell him that the water is not sweet or the Malai is not to our liking, he willingly cuts open another one and charges us for only one!

Today, we went to his shop, in the rain, without an umbrella just for that one coconut! My friend got a not so sweet one, so he cut her another and me? Well he cuts open the first one, looks at it, throws it. Cuts open the second one, looks at it, again he throws it. Cuts open the third, looks at it, yeah you guessed right, throws it! And then finally after a looooong time he cuts open one which is really huge and full of water! And the Malai….yummmmm! it was so delicious, just the way we like it, the paper thin, sweet Malai! Just think, he cut open four coconuts and threw them cause he knew we would not like them! So I guess being a regular customer does pay off at times! Oh yeah, we gave him just twenty bucks, which honestly, was all he was expecting!

I tell you, after our college re-opened, we went so eagerly to the bus stand after the first day of college in the heavy rain, in a very eventful evening which included my friends’ slipper being washed away by the water puddles and her standing on one leg waiting for someone to bring it back!! But nevertheless we staggered to his shop to find what? No coconuts! Boy were we sad. It was just too bad that he could not get them in the rains and was expecting them only after 2 months! Those two months were agony for Nariyal Pani lover’s like us! And the day he got them, we were overjoyed.

I still don’t understand how people can drink Pepsi and Coke and other crappy drinks when there is something as pure and tasty like coconut water! I mean what does that cold drink give you? A hell lot of calories, pesticides and huge amounts of gas in your stomach forcing you to produce an ugly burp! Ewww! Whereas coconut water is by far the most tested and trusted thirst quencher and will always be! Probably water comes first! 😉

Sometimes my friend and me think we are like addicted to Naryal Pani! I mean we honestly crave for it and keep wanting more and more! But who cares? Being addicted to something good never was and never will be a bad thing, right peeps? 😛

So to all those people who have not tasted coconut water, you definitely are missing something! I bet you taste it and you’ll never want to drink anything other than that again! So tomorrow, when you are thirsty, think about coconut water before you head to the shop to buy a bottle full of calories and pesticides and a whole lot of gas!








Burn rubber!!

I love riding a bike! It’s just such a stress reliever for me. Zooming away on my Dio when the world bothers me too much is my idea of escaping the monotony of life. And well of course, my bike is my baby; I love it and hope that nothing ever happens to it! Lol!


Basically I don’t know much about bikes, like why a bike classifies as a great bike in the eyes of those going technical about it. But for a me, a cool looking bike is a feast for the eyes. I guess that was one reason I chose to buy a Dio instead of any other bike. My parents did scare me in the beginning, saying that I would be getting a Scooty Pep(no offence to any Scooty Pep owners!!) instead of a Dio!! But when my bike arrived, it was this shiny black Dio! My scream of joy echoed round the colony to bring most of the watchmen to wonder whether I was alright! But there it was, my new bike, finally after 6 months of waiting for the black one. The only problem? I DID NOT KNOW HOW TO RIDE A BIKE!! My parents were pretty strict about me learning to ride a bike on anyone else’s bike lest I meet with an accident. So the first bike I ever rode was my Dio and that makes it even more special for me. But eventually, going round and round my colony, I learnt the technique of bike riding and I can confidently say that I am not that bad at it! 😉

And now one of my favorite things in the world is getting away on my bike.


My mom is pretty scared of sitting behind when I’m the one doing the riding and I can imagine why! Yeah, you’re right, I go too fast. But then its so boring riding s-l-o-w-l-y!! It just doesn’t feel anything you know what I mean? Riding fast, screwing up your eyes against the strong rush of the wind, whiz past cars and bikes alike, it’s a totally different kind of high. And every time I get on the bike the anticipation of that high itself is another high for me! Just riding the bike isn’t one of my fav things. I also like sitting behind and letting someone else do the riding but these ‘someone else’s’ are very rare people coz they are so few! Yeah, I cannot sit behind a person who I don’t have enough confidence in not to meet with an accident. So the select few would generally be my dad and my three cousin brothers and a few others (what an honour!! 😉 )!


The only fear I have while riding a bike is of meeting with an accident or skidding and falling. It horrifies me to the core when I think of that and I virtuously try to ride safe (along with fast of course!) because I know that once I fall off the bike, I might just be too scared of getting back on it. My friend once met with an accident on her bike and the thought of it still scares me sometimes, wondering what it would be like if it were me in her place.


Recently I learned to drive the car and I love that as well. But unfortunately my dad has no plans of letting me take the car out alone with or without my friends till I graduate! 😦 So i guess I’ll have to be satisfied with taking the car to the market or anywhere out of Panjim with my dad sitting next to me of course! 😉

So the bike is great coz atleast I’m allowed to take it whenever and wherever I want!

So on the whole my bike is one of my treasures which I guard very preciously and rather jealously I must say! Almost everyone from my group of gal pals has a black Dio and many a times we are known as the black Dio gang ;)! Well today also, we will be going on a ride, just roaming aimlessly, but a thrill, nevertheless, for me. So I’m off now, thinking about getting on and getting away on my bike hoping fervently that the petrol prices come down coz it really aint beneficially for bike riders like us! What say?! 🙂


My sweetheart…MICKEY




Small, fluffy, very cute, making loud shrill noises as I held him, I never wanted to let him go. Tiny little thing he was when I first got him and the moment I set my eyes on him, I knew I wanted him forever. Well I’m talking about my cat MICKEY.


I still remember very clearly the first day that I got him. He was really tiny, black and white with these gorgeous eyes that I fell in love with. He was so tiny I was seriously afraid of hurting him. When I took him in my arms, he dug his teeny tiny nails into my shirt and attached himself on me like Velcro! I think that was definitely one of the happiest days of my life and will always be remembered by me. When I took him home, I expected him to be scared and run away and hide in some dark corner, presumably under the bed or something, but contrary to my belief, he went exploring my whole house and the first place he shot off to was my room! Probably must be checking out his new home!! I probably must mention here that he is no more, but I never think of it in that way.


I don’t think I’ve ever met any cat who was as naughty as Mickey or as cute, without a doubt. To others he must have appeared as this vicious animal that pounces on you if you get too close but to me, he was my lil angel, sweet and docile! It’s true he gave me quite a few bites and hundreds of scratches but I loved him nevertheless! I never even noticed them on my arms and sometimes on my face and never ever minded. And surprisingly they never hurt. Mickey was so playful, I always remembered Tom the cat from the cartoon Tom and Jerry!! Though there was no Jerry in this case, every moving object to him must have appeared as Jerry because anything even rustled in the breeze, Mickey would be on it in a trice! Gamboling about and jumping on your legs as you walked, he was such a cute kitten! Throwing paper balls at him was real good fun. He would try to catch it in his front paws and bite it but every time he attempted that the ball would skid away from him and he would go running after it!! After a very long time, he would finally get the ball and then my room would be nothing but shreds of paper!!

The funniest thing about him was the peculiar way in which he used to prepare himself for an attack on any moving object. He would crouch down low, stare at it for a while, get into a better position and just as he was about to pounce on it would shake his butt in such a way that will put even Shakira to shame and send me in peels of laughter!


Some how he always knew when I was too bored to study for at those times, he would appear on my bed and position himself squarely on my books not allowing me to read or write and not budging even a bit! I’ve never known any cat that was cleverer! And he always always knew when I was sad or wanted company and did not have anyone to talk to. He would abandon whatever he was doing at that time and come and sit on my lap and gaze at me with his beautiful eyes, and the sadness would just melt away. He really was my best friend and I loved him to bits! I still do. He even had his special meow when he was hungry! We had kept a special plate for him and special dish in which his fish was made. Just the clink of the spoon on the dish and he would jump up even from the deepest sleep and come running into the kitchen! And surprisingly he loved all the food that my family and I ate! Chicken was a favorite, so was all the chat foods like sev, papdi and all! And he loved chocolates even though they are not supposed to be eaten by cats! But I would still always save a last bite of anything that I would be eating, just for him.


Cats have an amazing sense of direction and almost perfect hearing and thus obviously Mickey had it too. He used to go down, to meet his girlfriends or just roam around, but you just had to call out his name and he would come running home from wherever he had been. I still remember this incident. We had to go out for 2 days and there was nobody to take care of Mickey at home and anyways we could not keep him locked up in the house for 2 days. So we had to leave him out to fend for him. On our first attempt, he realized what we were doing and shot back into the house and hid under the bed and refused to come out. But finally we did get him out and left him in the garden. I don’t know what must have gone through his cat mind, probably must have thought we were leaving him forever. After we came back we expected him to be waiting outside the door, as he usually used to be after he was out for the whole night, but sadly he wasn’t. And he did not appear for 2 more days even though the watchman told us that he had seen him down. Then one morning, I was waking down the stairs which overlook the garden, and guess who I see? Yes, my Mickey! I remember those 2 seconds in which he looked at me wondering if he was seeing things and then came running to me! I’m sure he must have though we did not want him any more or something like that! I was so happy!


The best thing that I loved about him was the way in which he used to sleep. He used to wait for me to get into bed, draw my bed sheet and lie down, and then he would jump on the bed and snuggle up between my knees! Awwww I loved it when he did that!


I know this is a very very long post, but honestly I could go on and on for ages!! Well all good things must come to an end, and so did my short but beautiful time with Mickey. He was with me for a little over 2 years when he sadly died. We did everything we could to save him but I guess his time was up with me. I still miss him everyday and I don’t think I loved anyone more than I loved him. I still do and I miss him like crazy. I never wrote anything about him before because I knew I would be into tears and well, I am now 😦


Hey Mickey, I just want you to know that I love you a lot and I always will and I miss you very much. Nobody can ever replace you. I love you. Muah 🙂

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