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Run in the Rain!

Well so I am on vacation again and of course as always it is my favorite time of the year!

Just the other day my friend’s and I had gone to none other than Dona Paula jetty. Getting a little tired of haunting Miramar beach every evening, we decided to look for a fresh new place to hang out. Mind you, I hadn’t been out of my house for at least two months, if you don’t count trips to college as an ‘outing’!!

So there we were, just reaching the jetty, last of which I had heard, was under re-construction for the safety of the people visiting this scenic place. And…. WOW! That was the only word that came o my mind after seeing the place in all its glory. Yeah there were a few bricks and sand and wires and cables and mud and muck here and there but hey, aren’t we all supposed to look at the good things first? Lol

Well jokes aside we decided to climb to the topmost part of the jetty from where u can look over the waters and see the clouds forming beautiful shapes. The view was panoramic and I am not exaggerating! The weather was just perfect, kind of strong breeze, which drove my hair totally crazy, dark clouds, no sun, just the perfect weather for me! Yeah you guessed right, I prefer no sun kinda weather, but no rain either for me! Sometimes.

It was such a great time and all the while we were there more and more of our friends seemed to turn up and in the end we had a large crowd laughing, catching up and having a really great time!

Then the highlight of the evening! The approaching rain! We could actually see it coming towards us, the droplets causing a disturbance in the waters that went on increasing and nearing us…

We watched mesmerized, especially me for it was the first time I saw anything like it before. But soon we were brought out of the trance as one of my friends screamed…RUN!!

Of course, we had no umbrellas, or raincoats to protect us so as you guessed we had to run for our lives! Or rather run for some shelter or risk getting drenched! God it was awesome running through the rain, slipping and sliding, looking for shelter when there was none. Needless to say we were soaked but laughing like idiots as we finally decided to stop under a…… coconut tree!!! J

What more to say, it was just the perfect ending to a most wonderful day! And you can bet I will definitely be visiting that place again…just for the sake of the run in the rain!!















Ganpati Bappa, Moraya!!



So this year I went to Mumbai to my cousin’s place for Ganeh Chaturthi. And it was sooo much fun! Nothing like I expected!

Well my cousin and his family stay in a chawl in Mumbai and let me tell you, it is definitely an experience staying there. In some aspects its just like living in a very large colony but in others, so much more different. Everyone is so united and gets together and makes you feel like a part of everything that’s going on there. Well my cousin had Ganesh idol in his house as well as the whole chawl had a Sarvajanik one. And my cousin is usually the one who stays up night after night with some of his buddies and designs the background and everything to keep the idol. This year he truly outdid himself and Ganeshji was looking fabulous sitting there!

The best part that I like about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with a whole lot of people is the Aarti! Not that I know any of them by heart, I just love everybody singing together and the dhol and the music! It’s beautiful! Everyone is so joyous and we stay up ate nights singing away to glory!

My cousin and his friends from the chawl organize a skit every year during Ganesh. This was the first year I was able to witness it as I never go to Mumbai for Ganesh. These skits are very famous stories in our family as they are always a big hit and for once I wanted to watch one rather than hear about it from others who did! So there we were all sitting on the steps while the actors got ready ‘behind the scenes’!! As always, it is India of course, they were so late in starting but definitely it was worth the wait! They did a skit from the stories of a very famous Marathi writer, none other than, Pu La Deshpande! He is just too good! I am sure his fans know exactly what I’m talking about. Well they did a skit named “Mhais” which translated means cow( I think!!). so the story starts in a bus with its weird collection of passengers an proceeds on how the bus knocks down the ‘Mhais’ and the situation leads from there! The suggestions, the police, the owner and everyone else also gets involved and finally the problem is solved. And just when everyone goes back to the bus, the one thing that started all this has disappeared from the scene!! Yes, the ‘Mhais’ has gone away unhurt while everyone is deciding how best to treat it! 😉

It was most enjoyable. The actors were too good sending the audience into peels of laughter and loud applause every now and then. An amazing way to spend forty five minutes I must say. All the actors were teenagers from the chawl itself and it was clear they had worked really hard to make this show a huge success. After the delightful skit came Antakshari! My cousin and another girl were the anchors and it was such good fun! Everybody, even the parents contributed and sang and danced along with us. That was a fun night which we all hoped would not end.

But alas, it did and my short but amazingly fun visit to my cousin’s place also ended. 😦

But never mind, I am definitely going to make it a point to go again next year just to see the skit as they will be completing 21 years and the whole festival be special worth attending!

So there you go, my Ganesh vacation went extremely well and I had amazing fun, made new friends and wished college would never start and my lovely hols would never end!

I know I’m a little late but,

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all! 🙂

Funniest ever!!!

This incident happened to my friend and I was luckily there to view it and I can without a doubt say it is the funniest incident of my life!!! It may not sound that funny to you people reading it but it truly is really funny, probably the you had to be there types!!


One evening we were traveling in this bus called Jaimala, returning from math tuitions. The bus was not very crowded but there was no place for us to sit. Now this friend of mine has this truly colossal bag in which she carries almost all her books everyday for no apparent reason! Now the thing was that we were heading to a friend’s place for a sleepover and so along with her army of books she had her clothes and running shoes and also a biiiig bottle of Maaza filled with water though.(you all know how big the Maaza bottle is right?!!) And oh yeah, lots of coins!! So we enter this bus and there is no place to sit so we are standing and her bag is really heavy so she keeps it in the luggage rack above the seats. Now we are talking happily (and loudly) about nonsensical things and suddenly my dear friend’s bag starts raining coins, in a drizzle to begin with. Luckily for us the man sitting directly below her bag was very friendly and sweet and should I mention very puzzled with the apparent drizzle. So he looks up to get a faceful of very hard coins but the sweet and kind man that he was, offers to pick them up for us. Oh we are shaking with silent laughter at this point as the coins would just not stop falling!! The man soon realized this for he looks up to locate the source of the coin ATM when her whole, huge, 100 kg bag falls right on his head!!! Oh my god I am so sure he must have cracked his skull! The whole bus is cracking up including the conductor and we are beside ourselves with laughter!! Oh man the look on that man’s face was priceless and what made it worse was that he was really nice!!


Oh the funny incidents just don’t stop happening when I am with this particular friend of mine and we have had many more such incidents which I shall definitely be narrating soon!! Till then have a good laugh, imagine the face of the guy, the heavy bag falling on him, and the whole bus laughing their heads off!!



This was an incident that happened in the market related to me by my mother who witnessed it happen. And in a state like Goa I don’t think we would expect such a thing to happen. Even though we have heard of such things happening in other states I don’t think we ever thought it would happen in Goa and that too in the market place where there is always such a hustle and bustle!!


Well the incident is as such. A lady who had been shopping for quite sometime in the crowded market stopped at a fruit vendor who was a young child of about seven or ten years. Suddenly the lady felt this horrible itching sensation on her back, really severe from the look of it and dropped everything in her hands, ie, her shopping bags and attended to her itching back. Exactly at that moment a robber took her purse and ran away. The worst part was that she had more than 5000 rupees in her purse!!! The whole story is thus that the robber himself threw itching powder on the lady’s back and once her attention was diverted, took off with her purse which was loaded with cash. Probably he had been following her for quite some time and had seen that she had a lot of money. And once he got his chance made off with it. The lady had tucked her purse under her arm and when she reached out to her back, dropped it. The fruit vendor, the little kid, saw a man running off with it and thus was questioned but unfortunately he did not know the man nor had he seen him clearly. The police was called and they too questioned the boy but I don’t know how much information they got. My mother was really shaken by this incident and vowed that she would never carry so much money with her while going shopping!! And I must say it was a very wise move indeed!


Today when I accompanied my mom to the market, I overheard her asking another vendor, sitting near the place where the robbery took place, whether the lady recovered her purse or the robber being caught but was disappointed on both accounts. The poor lady suffered a huge loss and the criminal still goes unpunished.


I would never have imagined such a thing happening as I feel Goa is a relatively safe state as compared to most others but I guess I’m proved wrong. Let’s just hope everyone is more cautious while going to the market and such a thing doesn’t happen again.

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