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Sex and the City



One of the best things about being a girl is being able to watch sappy romantic girly movies and that’s just what my friends and I did today morning. The whole evening yesterday we were thinking and wondering as to what should we do today and finally one of us hit on the fine idea of watching a movie!


So there we were running late as usual, waiting to catch a bus that would take us to the movie kingdom namely Inox. Frankly speaking, somehow we are lucky enough never to miss the beginning of any movie no matter how late we are! Phew!

Anyway we reached Inox and well the screen was almost empty so we sat anywhere we wanted to get the best possible view because believe me, if you are a girly girl like me and love watching chick flicks, this is one movie you do not want to miss! Yes of course


I’m talking about Sex and the City, the movie! I for one have never watched a single episode of the very famous television series, but nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.


It is a perfect blend of love, romance, breaking up, trusting your boyfriend or husband, knowing how much you can do for your better half, never giving up on life, and most importantly, of friendship. I mean if you are girl, you will know what I mean. How many times have you gone out with your girl friends for that girl’s night out and shared the latest gossip about your boyfriend, that new hottie next door, or that ‘witch’ in your class tormenting you day by day? That’s what your best friends are for. To share your secrets, your feelings, your hopes, your dreams, and always knowing that you can rely on them no matter what happens.


The movie also tells us how trust can be broken, but if you really really love the person and are willing to believe that the breach of trust was unintentional, you can forgive and forget, a feat most girls find very very difficult, especially me! Hehe!


Loving someone with all your heart, always knowing they are going to be there for you, but also remembering that a relationship is not only about the other person. You must never forget who you are, what you were before your relationship, no mater how happy you are in it. Never ever forget the person you were and never ever sacrifice yourself so much that in the end you regret it and resent it.


The movie is a perfect blend of all these lessons and the most important lesson, love is great, but friendship is the most important thing after all!



Well anyway, my review- definitely worth a watch for all you girls out there!! Not bad if you want to take your boyfriend and teach him a few lessons too! 😉

Enjoy the movie and do give your feedback too!

heres a little preview!








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